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Robin Brittain.  Dip. Bldg, BA Hons (Arch) Leeds, MSc Architecture: Advanced Environment & Energy Studies  (UEL).


Robin is based in South Lincolnshire, and has an educational and working background in Architectural / Building Consultancy, including design and draughting and Construction management.

This is supported with photography and digital imagery. He has been involved and active with photography from the age of 8- almost exclusively then with black & white medium, and subsequently, specifically and directly with Architecture and Building Construction from the age of 16 as supportive educational and professional work through the recording and analysis of Architectural Design and Building Construction processes and techniques.  During which period, photography being used as a supplementary, essential tool to compliment the development of a broad range of skills and architectural understanding.

In Professional Architectural practice, design to management involvement has ranged from a few thousand to multi-million pound projects and schemes.

This background has been advantageous with photography, forming an appreciation and understanding of the make-up with elements, features, aspects of Architecture and Building- primarily Form, Order and Space, associative dimensions and perspectives, with constituent elements, colour and textures and interplay of light, including shadows and reflections –  the physical needs, aspects and requirements of occupants and users, and context and relationship of Building/s to inclusive and surrounding environments.

He is available for commission work including photo shoots, for presentation, publication, e.g. Literature, Magazines, Books, together with, information and recording / reporting and evidence based, documentative supportive work.   And Stock Photography.