Service Offering

February 7, 2022 By robinbrittain 0

Work undertaken promotes and embraces Environmental / Ecological Sustainability, Building Accessibility and behaviour, in the Built Environment
Which is undertaken through;

  • Education,
  • Research, and
  • Consultancy Services.

Design Solutions-Buildability & Building Defects-Project Management

Focus of work experience with activity and interests includes:-

Life Cycle Analysis or ‘Cradle to Grave’ footprint through approach of everyday processes and activities, relating to;

Sourcing and use of natural and renewable resources, either raw state, processed or produced, materials, items, products and applications, with associated and involved Energy, including ‘Embodied Energy’, together with Emissions, Toxicity, Waste and Re-use:

With buildings – physical construction, occupation with operation, & end-use.

And ultimately a Sustainable and non- Damaging & Harmful respect to the relationship towards planetary, environment, ecology, e,g. flora and fauna and fellow inhabitants, e.g. wildlife, organisms, insects, and animals etc..

Utilising and implementing ‘Natural’ approaches of low:-
‘Cradle to Cradle’ environmental and ecological impact:-

Example work activity and interest area’s include:

  • Renewable energy (Solar, Wind etc..)
  • Plant / Agro fibres, e.g. Hemp/Lime
  • Earthern (eg. Cob, Rammed Earth / Pisé De Terre)
  • Earthbag
  • ‘Eco’ Ferro Cement
  • Earthship Biotecture
  • Passive Solar Gain
  • Vernacular Indigenous Architecture And Building Construction.
  • Gaia and Permaculture relationships in the Built Environment
  • Biophilic Environments
  • Heat / air permeability loss and Insulation
  • Emissions & Waste
  • Health / Welfare occupancy, including Hazardous Materials & products
  • Recycling & Re-use

Work practices included IT and PC adoption and integration in work activities including:

Computer Aided Design, building performance modelling, energy assessment,
Graphics and Presentation,
Desktop publishing,
Reporting and Documenting
Office Productivity Suites, Collaboration, Web, Social Media, Wiki’s, Virtual World Software, etc.,
Photography, videography and filmography and editing.