Architectural / Building Consultancy

Promoting Environmental~Ecological,
As well as Heritage and Cultural Sustainability In the Built Environment
Through Awareness, Education...
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Guiding Principles:-


To follow principles of sustainability at a Human, Social, Economic and Environmental level.


Respectful of Human relationships and impact through interaction with the natural and built environment.


To utilise simple solutions, in particular to complex problems.

Specialist Area’s of Work;

Heritage – traditional building, conservation, renovation and repair. Low-impact, natural building and biophilia relationships in the built environment (connection with nature and other non-human living beings and organisms. 20+ years working on cementitious and conglomorate mass materials, including the use of Industrial Hemp, Flax and Miscanthus fibres and building Limes and earthern material resources, e.g. Clay and Turf.

Photography of natural, landscaped and built environments:

Former Director of the Heritage Skills HUB, Midlands, UK.

Currently, Executive Board member of Earth Building UK & Ireland (EBUKI).

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